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Like most moms, organic cardamom pods have something for everyone. They’re warm and peppery, but not too spicy to be intolerable for sensitive palates. They’ve got an underlying citrus tone that pairs well with savoury dishes and roasted meats and veggies. Cardamom pod tea is a staple in Indian and Lebanese households but is frequently enjoyed in homes across the world. Their distinctive eucalyptus notes make them a koala’s best friend. (Non-koalas might enjoy them, too). Best used after toasting, organic cardamom pods are best sprinkled over desserts and meals as an aromatic addition. They’re typically sold in pod form because, once split open, cardamoms quickly go stale and lose their vibrant scent and taste. Organic cardamom pods are second only to saffron in cost, but they’re worth every penny for the serious chef. (And, because you don’t need very much to get their strong flavour burst, expensive is relative.) They’re best saved for important meals - like impressing your picky mother in law. Well, like trying to impress your picky mother in law.

How to use organic cardamom pods?

Organic cardamom pods can be cooked, consumed, and used aesthetically. Like most spices, organic cardamom’s uses are dependant on the form it comes in. 


Application: food

There is an extensive number of cardamom pod recipes for the discerning chef to try. Organic cardamom pods are typically sprinkled over curries and rice-based dishes. A great way to add some interesting tones to pretty much any potato dish, a dash of cardamom will make you look like a professional chef at the flick of a wrist. Of course, that still won’t get your kids to eat their veggies, but at least you’ll have something yummy to munch on while you work through the complaints. As an added bonus, ground organic cardamom can be added to a variety of beverages to help you relax once you give up on the vegetable argument. Hey, this wine is medicinal...


Application: other

Organic cardamom is a common luxury soap additive. It’s great for removing blemishes and evening your skin tone. You’ll also smell great - so it’s perfect for getting ready for a night out on the town. (Just maybe not anywhere koalas can find you, because again, notes of eucalyptus. Fighting off koalas sounds like a lot of work.) Otherwise, use that sweet, savoury powder to spice up your immune system, shed your winter weight (or summer weight… or quarantine weight…), and improve your sleep. It’s a great addition to your spice rack and your medicine cabinet alike. 



100% Organic Cardamom Pods


Country of origin

Cardamom comes straight from the history books. Originally wild-growing in the ghats of southern India, organic cardamom has been used by Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, the Vikings, and other historic cultures across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Today, organic cardamom pods are popular in Scandinavia, India, and the Middle East. Cardamom pod tea is particularly popular as a warming beverage for chilly winter nights.


Storage / Packaging

Organic cardamom pods should be sealed at ambient temperature. The container should be kept in a dry area - and kept out of direct sunlight. When stored correctly in its original box, our cardamom pods have a shelf life of 1.5 years from its packaging date. 


Although it’s true that all spices will eventually lose their flavour over time, our packaging works to stretch every tasty second of organic cardamom pods’ shelf life. Made out of biodegradable, compostable bags designed to lock in every morsel of flavour, you can rest easy knowing that your ingredients will always taste right. Plus, you can feel great about doing something good for the environment! That certainly deserves a second helping of clafoutis...


Complimentary Spices

Organic cardamom pods are exceedingly flavourful. Because of this, cardamom is usually added in small quantities so as to not overwhelm the dish. Cardamom knows it’s awesome - it doesn’t need to make all the rest of the spices feel bad about themselves to prove it. Some spices organic cardamom does play well with include:


Organic Cardamom Pods Health Benefits

Organic cardamom is a staple of Ayurvedic medicine - a traditional healthy-lifestyle system originating from India. Followers of Ayurveda practices can enjoy massages, yoga, and organic cardamom love cake. Within Ayurvedic (and other) practices, organic cardamom is known not just for overall health benefits but also for its accompanying healing properties. The spice focuses on building and maintaining good overall health and preventative medicine through positive lifestyle changes. Cardamom pods have also been linked to treating and curing various ailments and illnesses.

  • Organic cardamom pods can help to cure coughs and colds due to high levels of antioxidants.
  • Consider halitosis to be a thing of the past when using organic cardamom pods as a natural breath freshener.
  • A common remedy for respiratory ailments, organic cardamom pods have been linked to improved circulation.
  • The pods may also treat sleep issues, including insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety.
  • Organic cardamom pods support healthy weight loss by boosting metabolic processes and promoting good digestion.

The buck doesn’t stop there! Organic cardamom pods are still being investigated for their effectiveness in a variety of other areas of medicine. Many exciting new findings have indicated that organic cardamom pods have extensive medicinal properties.

While organic cardamom pods have clearly established their health benefits, it should be noted that they aren’t a replacement for modern medicine. Please make sure to seek professional medical advice from a qualified doctor or other healthcare professionals when looking to treat specific medical ailments.

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